Sunday, April 10, 2011

Worshipping in Creole, English and Spanish

Worshipping in Creole, English and Spanish by Jacqueline

Honestly I am speechless with Haiti so far. But I will share my favorite moments thus far in this trip has all the amount of worship time we have had together with the team, individually and at church.

Going to church celebration service today was unlike anything ever imagined. A group of 8 of us went to a church in a large white tent around the corner. As we entered the gate we were able to see through the windows of two rooms hundreds of children in Sunday School sitting in their spots aweing over the white (yes I am considered "white" here) people coming in. We were right away greeted by the founder of the ministry, Elsie and gave us royal treatment and sat us all on the front row. Quite honestly it was a little uncomfortable to be treated with such honor but we obliged. What would happen next blew our mind!

We were just seated to the front row of God's Glory!!! The worship team consisted of a drummer, a keyboard and two vocalists in the altar area but the whole church was the choir! Worship in this place came out everywhere and it was not just three and two songs!!! Not one person wasn't singing, clapping, or dancing the whole church was worshipping their Lord. Worshipping here in Creole to songs that were familiar and unfamiliar were felt deep in our souls. We did not understand a whole lot but we sure  felt the still voice in our souls of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was present in this place and touching our hearts.

I cannot point out a favorite moment because honestly the whole service was amazing but a highlight was when the song "Come let us adore him." the team sang it in English I sang it Spanish and it just all felt like heaven.  And at this part.....

One day ev'ry tongue will confess You are God
One day ev're knee will bow
Still the greatest treasure remains for those,
Who gladly choose You now

Toda lengua confesara que EL es Dios
 las rodillas se doblaran
 y un deseo eterno tendras en El
si escoges su amor

Yon jou lang ev'ry pral konfese Ou se Bondye
Yon sèl jou a jenou ev're ap bese
Toujou trezò a pi gran pou moun rete,
Ki moun ki kè kontan chwazi ou koulye a

It became reality! I was singing with my  brothers and sisters in Christ loving and praising our Abba Father!

In awe,

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