Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Rooftop

Spending time at The Rooftop has become a morning way to kickstart the day. Tara starts the worship music and we go and read, pray or sing. The time is probably becoming my favorite part of the day. Honestly waking up early is not my thing but waking up early to spend time at The Rooftop, now that is different. Powerful things happen on The Rooftop. We pray for eachother, talk to God, read the Word and sing songs to our Lord.

Today when we came home from Carrefour Fuielle after spending the day with 100+ kids ranging from the age of 4-16. It was amazing to hear them laugh at us because of our lack of Creole and or attempt at Creole. Playing, learning about Josiah and doing friendship bracelets definitely was a challenge without knowing Creole. Soooo yeah, Creole classes will be a definite this summer.

After a day of soaking it all in, I needed some Rooftop time to think about the kids, Pastor Daniel, Madamme T, and so much more. It was a great evening on The Rooftop.
Soaking it all in,

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