Monday, April 11, 2011

A Simple Game of Duck Duck Goose

A Simple Game of Duck Duck Goose

My highlight of our first trip into the field today was a simple game of duck duck goose. We had spent the day learning about agriculture, home building and about a ministry called Christianville. All amazing ideas, plans and partnerships with churches that God is just going to bless abundantly. Through all this the blessing of a duck duck goose game with about 20 kids filled the air with laughter and giggles that was an amazing moment of Christ smiling on us.

In the beginning the children were not interacting but then there was one girl about 8 or 9 that came up to Tara and opened dialogue that lead to an attempt of dancing and finally we were successful with a simple game of duck duck goose which Sara and Ashley taught the kids. As the kids started understanding the game and started participating under the shade of the trees of that place that place radiated joy and hope! We all stood around in awe as we clicked away with cameras and video recorded every moment we could possibly get of a beautiful glimpse of heaven where we will all be equal and perfect. Where there will be no more pain.

Amazing what a simple game will do to your heart.

Loving it,

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